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EP-4139-000 Precision Bass® Wiring Kit

Tuo prezzo: €25.00
Wiring kit for Precision Bass. Includes diagram, pots, wire, and capacitor.
Part Number: EP-4139-000
Feature: 4139-000
Feature 5 645208043413
Wiring kit for Precision Bass guitars. Contains the following Allparts parts: 1 foot GW-0820-025 White cloth wire, 1 foot GW-0820-023 Black cloth wire, 2x EP-0885-000 CTS 250K Solid Shaft Audio Pots, 1x EP-0055-000 Switchcraft Input jack, 1x EP-0058-000 .047 MFD Capacitor, 1x Precision Bass Wiring Diagram . Note: Pickguard not included. http://www.allparts.com/precision-bass-pickguards">Click here to buy one.

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