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EP-4148-000 Wiring Kit for Epiphone® Gibson®

Tuo prezzo: €62.00
Wiring kit for Gibson Epiphone guitars. Includes diagram, replacement pots, wire, capacitors, input jack, and switch. A 64.00 value!
Part Number: EP-4148-000
Feature: 4148-000
Wiring kit for Gibson® Epiphone guitars. Contains the following Allparts replacement parts: 2x EP-4386-000 - CTS 500K Vintage Style Split Audio Pots, 2x EP-4986-000 - CTS 500K Linear Tone Pots, 1x EP-4066-000 - Switchcraft Short Toggle Switch, 1x EP-0055-000 - Switchcraft #11 1/4" Input Jack, 2x EP-0056-000 - .02 MFD Capacitors, 2 feet of GW-0834-000 - 2 Conductor Wire, 1x Detailed Epiphone wiring diagram. $64.00 parts value if purchased individually.

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