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Tuner Upgrade Vintage Kit for 6 In Line

Tuner Upgrade Vintage Kit for 6 In Line

Tuo prezzo: €95.00
Part Number:304886-V


Upgrade your tuners and improve the tuning accuracy and stability of your 6 In line headstock guitar. With the patent pending UMP™(Universal Mount Plate) included free in this kit, tuners will retrofit without drilling or screwing. The Tuner Upgrade Kit for 6 In Line is sold in a staggered post configuration unless otherwise specified. Designed for vintage or vintage style guitars with 8.5mm headstock holes and press in bushings. The kit is also available with a wide array of button options. The tuner kit includes: 6 Hipshot tuners reach nuts washers Free UMP™ screws also included in case your guitar is not compatible with the UMP™.

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