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Allparts Italia - Indice prodotti
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EP-0075-B00 Original CRL 3-Way Switch Bulk Pack
EP-0885-B00 CTS 250K Solid Shaft Audio Pot Bulk Pack
EP-5586-000 CTS 500K Push Pull Audio Pot
GS-0004-B05 Bulk Pack of 50 Steel Bridge Length Screws
TK-0925-010 Gotoh RES-O-LITE Bass Key Bass Side
TK-7260-L10 Gotoh 510 Left Handed Chrome Keys
AP-0087-007 Aged Chrome String Ferrules
AP-0603-010 Gotoh Engraved Neckplate
AP-0635-000 Vintage Style Square Jackplate
AP-0684-B10 Oversized Chrome Buttons Bulk Pack
BB-3361-010 5-String Grooved Omega Bass Bridge
BB-3430-010 ABM 3705-C 5-String Bridge, Chrome
BB-3500-003 ABM 3710-B Single String Bridge Black
BB-3500-010 ABM 3710-C Single String Bridge
BB-3555-002 Schaller 6-String Bass Bridge, Gold
BB-3555-003 Schaller 6-String Bass Bridge, Black
BN-2223-025 Slotted Mandolin Nut
BP-0017-007 Gotoh Aged Finish US 10-32 Tremolo Arm
BP-0678-023 Black Plastic Dotted Bridge Pins
BP-2127-009 Gotoh Solid Titanium Bass Bridge Saddles
BP-2848-000 Camel Bone and Turquoise Bridge Pins
BS-0267-000 Compensated Bone Saddle for Gibsons®
BS-0269-000 Compensated Bone Saddle for Taylor® Guitars
EP-0260-026 Red On-On Slide Switch
EP-4276-000 Schaller Model E 5 Way Megaswitch
EP-5586-B00 Pack of 20 CTS 500K Push Pull Audio Pots
GS-0049-B01 Bulk Pack of 100 Nickel Metric Guitar Bridge Height Screws
GS-0063-B03 Bulk Pack of 50 Black Bridge Mounting Screws
GS-0063-B10 Bulk Pack of 50 Chrome Bridge Mounting Screws
John Pearse 3250 R Baritone Resophonic Guitar, Phosp. Bronze, open E tuning,.017, .019, .032, .042, .060, .076,
John Pearse 800 SK Phosp.Bronze Wound,Slack Key Guitar, .013, .017, .024, .032, .045, .056,
SB-ERC-01 Strap Button Converter from end-pin jack to standard strap pin
Snake-3 NY Headway Undersaddle Pickup for Nylon String Guitars.
TK-0760-L03 Gotoh Left handed Mini Keys
TK-0770-002 Gotoh SD90 Vintage Style Keys
TK-0791-003 Schaller 4 in Line Black Bass Keys
TK-0884-001 Gotoh 6-in-line Vintage Keys Nickel
TK-7247-003 Gotoh Delta 3x3 Black Locking Tuners
TK-7248-002 Gotoh Delta 3x3 Antique Gold Locking Tuners
TK-7724-077 Large Turquoise Button Set for Grover Tuners
TP-0455-007 Aged Chrome Studs and Anchors
TP-3670-L02 Bigsby® B7 Vibrato Tailpiece Left Handed Gold
TP-5475-002 ABM 1501 Finger Style Tailpiece Gold
AH-9311-003 Black Recessed Amp Jackplate
AH-9312-003 Black Metal Dish Speaker Cabinet Jackplate
AH-9313-023 Recessed Dish Speaker Cabinet Jackplate
AH-9318-000 Set of 4 Caster Wheels for Amp Cabinet
AH-9360-002 Gold Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-010 Silver Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-023 Black Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-025 White Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-B02 Bulk Gold Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-B10 Bulk Silver Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-B23 Bulk Black Cabinet Piping
AH-9360-B25 Bulk White Cabinet Piping
AP-0087-001 Nickel String Ferrules
AP-0087-002 String Ferrules Set, Gold
AP-0087-003 String Ferrules Set, Black
AP-0087-010 String Ferrules Set, Chrome
AP-0087-B01 Nickel String Ferrules Bulk Pack
AP-0087-B10 Chrome String Ferrules Bulk Pack
AP-0187-001 Nickel String Ferrules
AP-0187-002 Gold String Ferrules
AP-0188-002 Gold Top Loading Ferrules
AP-0188-003 Black Top Loading Ferrules
AP-0188-010 Chrome Top Loading Ferrules
AP-0189-001 Vintage Reproduction Smooth Nickel String Ferrules
AP-0189-002 Vintage Reproduction Smooth Gold String Ferrules
AP-0189-003 Vintage Reproduction Smooth Black String Ferrules
AP-0189-010 Vintage Reproduction Smooth Chrome String Ferrules
AP-0189-B01 Vintage Smooth Nickel String Ferrules Bulk
AP-0275-001 Cup Jackplate for Telecaster® , Nickel
AP-0275-002 Telecaster® Jack Cup , Gold
AP-0275-003 Telecaster® Input Cup
AP-0275-010 Telecaster® Input Cup
AP-0287-001 Nickel Bass Ferrules
AP-0287-002 Gold Bass Ferrules
AP-0287-003 Black Bass Ferrules
AP-0287-010 Chrome Bass Ferrules
AP-0287-B01 Nickel Bass Ferrules Bulk Pack
AP-0288-001 Nickel Vintage Bass Ferrule Set
AP-0288-002 Gold Vintage Bass Ferrule Set
AP-0480-025 String Guide Stand-offs
AP-0600-001 Nickel Neckplate
AP-0600-002 Gold Neckplate
AP-0600-003 Black Neckplate
AP-0600-007 Neckplate Aged Chrome
AP-0600-010 Chrome Neckplate
AP-0601-007 Aged Chrome Serial Numbered Neckplate
AP-0601-010 Serial Numbered Neckplate
AP-0602-010 Curved Chrome Neckplate
AP-0604-023 Neckplate Cushion
AP-0605-010 3-Hole Neckplate
AP-0609-000 Danelectro Jackplate
AP-0610-001 Strat. Jackplate , Nickel
AP-0610-002 Strat. Jackplate , Gold
AP-0610-003 Strat. Jackplate , Black
AP-0610-007 Aged Chrome Jackplate
AP-0610-010 Strat. Jackplate , Chrome
AP-0614-035 White Round Jackplate
AP-0615-001 Nickel Football Jackplate
AP-0615-002 Gold Football Jackplate
AP-0615-003 Black Football Jackplate
AP-0615-010 Chrome Football Jackplate
AP-0620-001 Pickguard Bracket , Nickel
AP-0620-002 Pickguard Bracket , Gold
AP-0620-003 Pickguard Bracket , Black
AP-0620-010 Chrome Pickguard Bracket
AP-0621-002 Gold Thumbrest
AP-0621-010 Chrome Thumbrest
AP-0621-023 Black Thumbrest
AP-0626-001 Archtop Pickguard Bracket
AP-0626-002 Archtop Pickguard Bracket
AP-0628-001 Nickel Pickguard Support
AP-0628-002 Gold Pickguard Support
AP-0633-001 Nickel Jackplate
AP-0633-002 Metal Jackplate , Gold
AP-0633-003 Metal Jackplate , Black
AP-0633-010 Metal Jackplate , Chrome
AP-0633-023 Plastic Jackplate , Black
AP-0633-025 Plastic Jackplate , White
AP-0633-028 Plastic Jackplate , Cream
AP-0634-028 Vintage Clone Jackplate
AP-0635-028 Vintage Style Square Jackplate
AP-0637-001 Nickel Rectangular Jackplate
AP-0637-002 Gold Rectangular Jackplate
AP-0637-003 Black Rectangular Jackplate
AP-0637-010 Chrome Rectangular Jackplate
AP-0640-002 Gold Control Plate
AP-0640-003 Black Control Plate
AP-0640-010 Chrome Control Plate
AP-0645-003 Schaller 1233 Black Allen Wrench Holder
AP-0645-010 Schaller 233 Chrome Wrench Holder
AP-0647-023 Black Wrench Holder
AP-0650-001 Tele Control Plate , Nickel
AP-0650-002 Tele Control Plate , Gold
AP-0650-003 Tele Control Plate , Black
AP-0650-010 Control Plate for Tele , Chrome
AP-0651-010 Gotoh Engraved Control Plate
AP-0652-000 Pot Bracket for Jazzmaster® Pickguard
AP-0656-002 Gold Jaguar® Switch Plate
AP-0656-010 Jaguar® Switch Plate
AP-0657-001- Nickel Telecaster® Bass Control Plate
AP-0657-010 ABM 7812-C Telecaster® Bass Control Plate
AP-0658-002- Gold Jaguar® Upper Control Plate
AP-0658-010 Jaguar Upper Control Plate
AP-0659-002 Gold Jaguar® Control Plate
AP-0659-010 Jaguar® Control Plate
AP-0663-002 Metal Rhythm /Treble Ring , Gold
AP-0663-010 Metal Rhythm/Treble Ring , Chrome
AP-0663-023 Rhythm/Treble Ring ,Plastic , Black
AP-0663-025 Rhythm/Treble Ring, Plastic ,White
AP-0663-028 Rhythm/Treble Ring,Plastic,Cream
AP-0668-010 Mustang® Control Plate
AP-0670-001 Nickel Strap Buttons
AP-0670-002 Gold Strap Buttons
AP-0670-003 Black Strap Buttons
AP-0670-007 Strap Buttons Aged Chrome
AP-0670-010 Chrome Strap Buttons
AP-0670-B01 Nickel Strap Buttons Bulk Pack
AP-0670-B02 Gold Strap Buttons Bulk Pack
AP-0670-B03 Black Strap Buttons Bulk Pack
AP-0673-028 Plastic Strap Buttons
AP-0674-023 Black Felt Washers
AP-0674-025 White Felt Washers
AP-0674-B23 Black Felt Washers Bulk Pack
AP-0674-B25 White Felt Washers Bulk Pack
AP-0680-001 Nickel Schaller Style Strap Lock System
AP-0680-002 Gold Schaller Style Strap Lock System
AP-0680-003 Black Schaller Style Strap Lock System
AP-0680-010 Chrome Schaller Style Strap Lock System
AP-0680-B10 Bulk Pack of 10 Chrome Strap Locks
AP-0681-001 Schaller 445 Nickel Strap Locks
AP-0681-002 Schaller 447 Gold Strap Locks
AP-0681-003 Black Strap Locks
AP-0681-010 Schaller Chrome Strap Locks
AP-0681-016 Schaller Ruthenium Strap Locks
AP-0681-B01 Nickel Strap Locks Bulk Pack
AP-0682-001 Nickel Strap Buttons
AP-0682-002 Gold Strap Buttons
AP-0682-003 Black Strap Buttons
AP-0682-010 Chrome Strap Buttons
AP-0682-B01 Nickel Strap Buttons Bulk Pack
AP-0682-B10 Bulk Pack of Chrome Strap Buttons
AP-0683-001 Schaller Nickel Strap Buttons
AP-0683-002 Schaller Gold Strap Buttons
AP-0683-003 Schaller Black Strap Buttons
AP-0683-010 Schaller Chrome Strap Buttons
AP-0683-B01 Bulk Pack of Schaller Nickel Strap Buttons
AP-0683-B10 Bulk Pack of Schaller Chrome Strap Buttons
AP-0684-002 Oversized Gold Buttons
AP-0684-003 Oversized Black Buttons
AP-0684-010 Oversized Chrome Buttons
AP-0684-B02 Oversized Gold Buttons Bulk Pack
AP-0718-023 Roller Bass String Tree
AP-0720-001 Nickel String Guides
AP-0720-002 Gold String Guides
AP-0720-003 Black String Guides
AP-0720-B01 Nickel String Guides Bulk Pack
AP-0723-007 Aged Nickel String Guides
AP-0724-002 Gold String Guide
AP-0724-003 Black String Guide
AP-0724-010 Chrome String Guide
AP-0726-023 Roller Guitar String Guides
AP-0727-002 Gold Barrel String Guides
AP-0727-003 Black Barrel String Guides
AP-0727-010 Chrome Barrel String Guides
AP-0729-00G Graph Tech PT-7004-00 Black Tusq XL String Trees
AP-0730-001 Round String Guides
AP-0730-002 Round String Guides
AP-0876-010 ABM 7813-C Precision Bass® Control Plate
AP-5260-002 Neck Screw Bushings
AP-5260-003 Neck Screw Bushings
AP-5260-010 Neck Screw Bushings
AP-5270-001 Nickel Retrofit Jackplate
AP-5270-002 Electrosocket Jackplate x Tele , Gold
AP-5270-003 Electrosocket Jackplate x Tele , Black
AP-5270-010 Electrosocket Jackplate x Tele , Chrome
AP-5270-011 Satin Chrome Retrofit Jackplate
AP-6581-001 Dunlop Nickel Strap Locks
AP-6581-002 Dunlop Gold Strap Locks
AP-6581-003 Dunlop Black Strap Locks
AP-6581-B01 Dunlop® Nickel Strap Locks Bulk Pack
AP-6582-001 Dunlop® Nickel Strap Buttons
AP-6582-002 Dunlop® Gold Strap Buttons
AP-6582-003 Dunlop® Black Strap Buttons
AP-6583-001 Dunlop Nickel Strap Locks
AP-6583-002 Dunlop Gold Strap Locks
AP-6583-003 Dunlop Black Strap Locks
AP-6676-010 Skull Strap Buttons
AP-6677-010 Iron-Cross Strap Buttons
AP-6678-010 Star Strap Buttons
AP-6679-010 Thunderbird Strap Lock
AP-6681-002 Gold Strap Locks
AP-6681-003 Black Strap Locks
AP-6681-010 Chrome Strap Locks
AP-6691-001 Nickel Nuts and Washers for Schaller Straplock
AP-6691-002 Gold Nuts and Washers for Schaller Straplock
AP-6691-003 Black Nuts and Washers for Schaller Straplock
AP-6691-010 Chrome Nuts and Washers for Schaller Straplock
AP-6695-001 Gibson Style Nickel Strap Buttons
AP-6695-002 Gibson Style Gold Strap Buttons
AP-6695-003 Gibson Style Black Strap Buttons
AP-6695-B01 Gibson Style Nickel Strap Buttons Bulk
AP-6695-B02 Gibson® Style Gold Strap Buttons Bulk
AP-6710-001 Nickel Bass String Guide
AP-6710-002 Gold Bass String Guide
AP-6710-003 Black Bass String Guide
AP-6710-010 Chrome Bass String Guide
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